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At The Wolfhound

by Recalculating

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In the past they rocked In the past perfect they had rocked In the present perfect they have rocked And that's all grammatically correct In the future they will rock In the future perfect they will have rocked But in the present we rock And that's the better tense Rockin' in the present tense This is not for those "about to rock" Or a statement that "you will be rocked" This is no promise of future rock We are not "still rockin'" We are not making a plea to "keep rockin'" Past performance is no guarantee of future rockin' Rockin' in the present tense Don't take language for granted Don't be that lazy Christmas can come every day When you're rockin' around trees Rockin' in the present tense Bill Haley was a hero to most But he wasn't no Brenda Lee He rocked his clocks in the future tense -- Time is for sand! Motherfuck him and Chuck Klosterman Rockin' in the present tense
I just Googled myself and discovered there is an amazing number of movies that have been made about me: comedies, romantic comedies, thrillers, dramas, documentaries and I have no clue just how many statuettes I must have helped these people win but the number is surely astonishing I just stumbled upon a top 50 list about myself; it was a remarkable compendium of literature about me: and not even pulp, but actual literature, like classics and literary fiction, novellas, and entire collections of poetry and short stories I just Wikipediaed myself and learned there are so, so many songs directly or indirectly about me in every genre and across all of the eras, including by not only Bob Dylan himself but even by Bob Dylan's own son I may not be the most loquacious or well spoken of all the metropolitan statistical areas But speaking on behalf of myself, I'd like to clear the air about some things Like for example, when you insinuate that I am "a character in and of itself" I believe that to a certain extent denies me my proper agency
Were it somehow possible to reanimate this dead heart It'd take a factory full of Jarvik 7s to salvage any sentient parts As I'm sure you've noticed I don't usually wear anything on this sleeve Hey now hit the right cue on this amazing halftime routine We could be in music, royalty-free music We could be in music, royalty-free music We could swim in music, royalty-free music We could live in music, royalty-free music If it served some sort of purpose to plumb the depths of this dead soul I'd have to watch a how-to tutorial first, or at least a cat video Infinite unboxings and countless squirrel memes Hey now share the playlist, reveal what it all means We could fly around in music, royalty-free music We could lie around in music, royalty-free music We could run aground in music, royalty-free music We could drown in music, royalty-free music We could be eating dinner, we could be trying on clothes We could shivering outside a nail salon, we could be on hold We could be in music, royalty-free music
I've got a feeling I've got a feeling deep inside There's something out there There's something out there you can't hide And I can hear them I hear them listening on the line There! Can you hear them? Can you hear them? Please don't lie No I know No I Know I've got a feeling I've got a feeling they don't like But I can see them I see them following all my life And like a dark cloud Like a dark cloud covering lies They bring the rain down Bring the rain down from blue skies No I know No I know I've got a feeling I've got a feeling and it grows They say I'm crazy Say I'm a mad man yeah I know But I can feel it You're coming 'round now even though Yeah you can feel it You're coming 'round now please don't go No I know No I know
Rains keep coming, I keep running outside It seems fun and I ain't dumb enough to try right Can't stop calling Catch me cause I'm falling Friendly but I'm finding Everything appalling Lie into the night It's alright Lie into the night I know it's not right The questions keep coming, crisis of conscience cross eyed Cornering the market, covering the spark that won't fly All the warm bread And all my best friends All your wants wasted On all the loose ends Lie into the night It's alright Lie into the night I know it's not right We all get hungry hanging round a right now The taste ain't bitter but I can do better than the next noun Find a distraction Attracted without traction Distance in the difference Fuckin' up my fractions
Fully prepared to walk this back You come armed with sets of facts Hot takes so unassailably correct Air melts at points they intersect I do see what you mean You rule the world from inside your own meme Speech bubbles crowd around you Escape the earth under a word balloon All of which is to say I am hearing what you say Crystal clear and plain as day So much so I get a big headache And by "headache" I mean surely a tumor A malignancy leaving very little room for Limited reserves of precious mental space Resist, lest the rest gets displaced If it were cancer it'd be California cancer The kind of cancer for which the State of California demands there be an answer Sheets are white and beets are red Bypass the punchbowl and shit the bed Abandon all idiom ye who enter here Shrink down to nothing and disappear
Is he a post-season pitcher or a pitcher with a good postseason? WIP said he was in too long but I'm sure Charlie had his reasons The right teams are playing; the wrong one keeps on winning While Fox relies on cheesesteak B-roll every fucking half inning You can buy World Series like you can buy mayoralties And when you tire of the taxes there you can buy in Broward County After you go up two to one here you assume you got it made But save some of that hot air for your Thanksgiving Parade Remember Ray Rhodes equate losing at home to robbery and rape? He said, "I don't like people breaking into my place and sodomizing my wife and kids and loading their car with my stereo and TV I don't like that and that's what this is like to me" So sure, I guess all told at least it beats 1993 Fuck Joe Carter, fuck Curt Schilling Fuck Tom Hanks, fuck Denzel, fuck Bruce Springsteen And the tired way they symbolized a dying city . . . Demme's pre-Rendell metaphor paved the way for Bruce's lazy songwriting If you are the first one up try being useful, change some clocks Turn back the cuckoo on the wall, it's another fucking fall Lurk downstairs in your bare feet, watch cartoons there with your wife's niece; you still live with your in-laws, it's another fucking fall Some places leaves drop from trees -- there’s nothing to rake on this bare street The wind outside is whipping raw, it's another fucking fall Another season, another slide, winter waits on the other side Defeat sticking in your craw, it's another fucking fall If you are the first one up try being useful, change some clocks Congress always fucks time up, Congress always fucks time up Another season, another slide, winter waits on the other side Defeat sticking in your craw, it's another fucking fall
Finding faith in a fallen man The lies a liar holds in hand Trust and truth are a moving mark Dust and ash and a death in the dark Joan of Arc alone in the dark Joan of Arc was the start Joan of Arc oh she's so smart Joan of Arc with a spark The grace of God and bishops bought The grace she never got Tricks of trade, the trap well laid, trousers tripped our maid Lafayette hadn’t come yet when Joan of Arc was the start Denis dancing in the dark, held his head on his heart Joan had visions in her heart, Joan of Arc was the start Joan, her visions fought hard, hard high on a pyre High on a pyre
Son, young son, dear boy the time has come To reveal unavoidable truths like so much unwanted hair Odds are cold, hard; neutral, amoral and complicit in cosmic fraud None or never the less: they'll dare you to dream big A word about claw games: no one in the history of the world ever conquered the claw game Thus, all the dusty shit languishing in the bins And now, if I may, move on to the lottery and the inherent immorality of state-sponsored gambling About which, it is simple: You can't lose if you refuse to play Odds are cold, hard; neutral, amoral and complicit in cosmic fraud But look, who are any of us to tell you not to dream big?
We only look for what we're looking for Like "life in these times" is just an online store And the feeling it gives to find the great big "X" Is enough, no need to dig for what we expect To find once we plant and let the flag unfurl That's why he only sung about Jessie's girl Didn't bother to ignore his friend and get her name To have and see and want is all the same We look up and only see the fall of man Look down to think "Well, he's done the best he can" And when we strain, we can barely make what's it for But we squint 'cause the air's so thick with all this metaphor Like sad sacks looking guilty fishing payphones for change Hayseeds hazing hayseeds in this transient age Some friends are midnight and some are eight The fact we think we're gods, and god is good, and god is great! So ask me, What if you were right? And I'll say, "Darling, let's see wonderful tonight" See, we end up seeing only what we want to find And end up missing everything we've left behind In the wake of good-and-bad and what's in between Leaving us open to fuck up everything royally And when we see billboards for buildings in areas Right enough to convince the right people to marry ya Remember, let's aim high but punch below our weight Because Life is Good, and we are great So ask me, What if you were right? And I'll say, "Darling, let's see wonderful tonight"
I, looking at life through my one red eye I see it all and beyond into a new breed I belong With my mind My long lifeline has been taxing my mind And I start to see the signs that I'm alive With my mind With my mind My sleeping friends know what I know And I'm so sad to see them go but I don't mind Carrying on all alone with the lies that I have told With my mind With my mind I can see that you are upset And I'd ask you not to forget that I'm alive I'm feeling guilty and afraid I feel the mess that I have made With my mind With my mind
You certainly cannot skate In any sort of animal herd But you can at least politely skirt That steady stream of commuters These lovely, competent folks Their lanyards dangling work IDs Pressed into duty Serving this economy You certainly cannot skate On any sort of wheel What would the Christmas card list think If we somehow got you killed? That's not to kill the joy Stay-at-home or say don't bother Don't blame the boy He spent a lot of time with a neurotic father Everybody loves Mr. Kiddo He's Mr. Kiddo He's Mr. Kiddo Everybody loves Mr. Kiddo He's Mr. Kiddo He's Mr. Kiddo Shopkeepers gush and the world's made glad To thine own self stay bad He's ostentatious dad Everybody loves Mr. Kiddo He's Mr. Kiddo He's Mr. Kiddo Elderly neighbors trust he knows just what to do To thine bad self stay true Big bumptious kangaroo
You want to see my moves? You mean my one big move? Read: like my only move Dancing to be polite Dancing to be polite Rock those extremities That much is clear to me But feet were made for fear Hands are for holding beer Dancing to be polite This could be middle school Panhandle spring break pool Like 1999 Even your wedding night Dancing to be polite I see you staying strong The length of a Prince song Some partners grind their watch Others check their crotch Dancing to be polite
I made terrible art after 9/11 To never forget all those virgins in heaven Back then they'd cry if you just follow the letter I'm not ashamed to say my art never got any better I made terrible art back in 2004 A one-act play called "The Sorrow of Young Al Gore" "Here Bush Lies," it was a rock opera score And something about John Kerry's windsurfing board I made terrible art about financial crisis Corporate greed and falling house prices Then the party was on as if the Miley were Cyrus But if only we saw the creeping onset of ISIS I made terrible art after the '16 election About unbreakable ceilings and all that orange aggression I could care less than to re-learn the lesson And it's clear as glass upon further reflection: I make terrible art!


Live @ The Wolfhound


released October 9, 2018

Mixed and engineered by Kyle Rogers [kylerogersmusic.com]


all rights reserved



Recalculating New York, New York

Recalculating. Scrappy, feisty, indie(ish). Heart-on-sleeve but not sentimental, self-aware but not self-serious, and almost always grammatically correct. If you're in the tri-state area, hit us up for a show if you like what you hear!

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